A bit unusual brushes for DC motor

First of all, This is my first post. Please forgive me for any noobness.

I was searching my scrap boxes and found a DC motor without any brushes. I cant afford to throw anything in dustbin. I wanted that motor restored and back working. I thought that I’ll create brushes using two copper wires. But that idea didn’t go well. I found some wires from an old PC SMPS lying arround. Some of the SATA Power pins were removed from their black plastic cover.


Bingo! I can use those pins as brushes for DC motor. So, I bent those pins at the end of wire and fitted in the motor’s back cover.

I was in a bit hurry, so no more writeup. Thank you for reading my post. I hope that the photos will explain more than words.

That’s What I hacked today. What did you ?


Sorry for stretched images, it changed the theme of my page and it changed the layout.